With the release of the Logseq Marketplace, my intention is to showcase the main plugins available. I will try to cover as many as possible but if you have any specific requests, please just contact me.

Remember to activate the plugins, you need to 1) Click the 3 dots in the righthand corner and go to settings, 2) Got to advanced and enable Developer mode, 3) Restart the app, 4) Click 3 dots and go to Plugins, then Marketplace, 5) Install the desired plugin(s).

  • Journals Calendar by @Charlie – A simple journals calendar plugin for Logseq .You can create new journal pages or easily navigate to historical pages with this easy to access calendar.
  • Mindmap tool by vipzhicheng – Ever wanted to see your notes from a different angle, well now you can through the mindmap plugin. See your notes in a hierarchical manner and see the relationships among pieces of the whole.
  • plugin developed by @c6p that allows you to retrieve your online web annotations and insert them directly into Logseq. All you need to do is enter your API key and then you can easily add all your annotations to your second brain in Logseq.
  • Habit Tracker – Another great plugin by @c6p. Ever wanted to keep a tracker of the frequency and when you complete your habits? Well, now you can have this within Logseq at the click of a few buttons by adding the Habit Tracker plugin.
  • Convert Blocks to a Page @hyrijk‘s plugin allows us to convert a block, including its children, into a page. This is great if you start writing on one page and then realise you want to split your thoughts into more distinct notes. This can now be achieved through a few clicks and avoids having to copy/cut, create page and paste.
  • Random Note – Have you ever wanted to be shown a note at random to get lost in your world of links and thoughts? Now you can thanks to the Random Note plugin by @TankCool. I love the use of the die icon to demonstrate the randomness.
  • Logseq Tabs – The incredibly talented @pengx17 developed a plugin that allows us to view our Logseq similar to a web browser with tabs. The plugin allows multiple pages to open as tabs within Logseq, allowing you to jump from one page to the other very quickly. You can also pin frequently used tabs or reorder them to suit your needs.
  • Journal Heatmap – Another great plugin by @pengx17. In this plugin, we can quickly see how many blocks we create in the daily journal pages. This is very useful if you perhaps want to track how many blocks you have on your journal pages. It would be great if this plugin counted the number of new blocks added in any given day across all pages, but maybe that is an entirely different ball game in terms of complexity
  • Extract text – @Sid P wows us with a very cool plugin to extract bold and highlighted text from a block and all its nested blocks. It is not yet available in the Marketplace but should be soon.