27-Nov-21: Logseq Releases, Mobile Preview, Plugins, Workflows, Videos

I hope everyone is enjoying the Thanksgiving weekend or simply the weekend and realises that it is less than one month to Christmas! Time certainly does fly. With the news that there is a new Covid-19 variant which is potentially stronger than the previous ones, I hope the below brings a smile. In this release, … Read more

29-Sep-21: Logseq Mobile Beta Sign-up

I thought I would do a special mid-week release to let you know that the Logseq Mobile App is being developed and the Devs are looking for volunteers to test the upcoming release. You can easily sign-up by filling in a few details on the form (https://forms.gle/SvH19XvRQ8w49NTm6) and can see the full announcement here. Not … Read more