30-Oct-21: Logseq Mobile Update, Todoist Plugin, Zettelkasten Flow, Namespaces, Alfred Workflow

Unfortunately, no new Logseq releases this week. The team are busy expanding the dev team so they are putting their effort into that to make it as efficient and fruitful as possible. This does not mean that no work on Logseq is being done though – there are frequent commits to GitHub. I am sure that once the hiring is done, more frequent updates will return. I hope so anyway, as I love new release day.

Logseq Mobile

For those wondering where things stand with Logseq Mobile, we do have a bit of an update:

  • The app looks like it will be ready for beta testing in the next few weeks.
  • I appreciate that we also saw the above message on the 17th October, so I reckon by late November, we should have something to play around with. I cannot wait and appreciate these things take time, so I would rather have something decent than rushed. I hope the team take their time.
  • For those who haven’t done so already, you can easily sign up for the imminent beta testing volunteer phase by filling in a few details here and can see the full announcement here.


Zettelkasten – One Year Later

  • @viktomas presented us with a wonderful article on their thoughts on using the Zettelkasten process for one year. The article reflects on:
    • The Why – The motivation of why anyone would use this method to take notes
    • The What – An explanation into Zettelkasten and its peculiarities
    • The How – How do you go about taking notes in a Zettelkasten manner with an insight into the software used
    • The Process – A synopsis of the process of going from an article/book etc. to a permanent note.
  • Although the article is not focused on Logseq as such, Tomas concludes that we should save ourselves time and jump straight into Logseq.
  • Great article, thanks for writing this up, Tomas.

PDF Annotation

  • I love using the PDF annotation tool and hope to be able to do the same for epubs shortly too.

ToDoist Plugin

  • @hkgnp wows us with an initial plugin that allows for todoist integration. The plugin is not available on the Logseq Marketplace, so it needs to be installed manually (steps included in the read-me), but hopefully, this will be added to the Marketplace soon to allow for an easy install.
  • The plugin is a work in progress, but I am very impressed with what @hkgnp has already achieved.

Logseq <> Alfred Workflow

  • For those lucky enough to use a Mac and can install the Alfred Workflows App, @danzu provides us with their workflow and integration tips to achieve the below:
  • The above workflow means that by using the lq command, you can easily:
    • Search for journals and pages files in Alfred and open in default .md editor
    • Open the graph path in default terminal
    • Open the graph path in finder
    • Open the graph path in vscode
    • Open the config in vscode
    • Open the preference in vscode
    • Open the plugins path in vscode
  • Or using the the lqh command, it opens logseq help and community related sites:
    • twitter
    • discord
    • discuss
    • github
    • logseq-weekly blog
    • roadmap
    • github repo
  • It is a shame that I do not own a Mac (or that Alfred is not available on Windows) to test this out as this looks very cool

Clean To-Dos

  • Ever wondered how to remove the TODO/DOING text beside tasks?
  • @lousytrybrian provides the solution that by adding the following code to the CSS, this will remove the text that appears and provide for a much cleaner UI
.block-marker {
  display: none;


  • A question that I have had for the past few days has been the use of namespaces and how to get the most out of them. I presented the following example in the Discord. Let’s say I have the following:
    • 1 – Meeting with Person on day DD, which I want to add to a namespace. So, I would do something like [[People/Person]]
    • 2 – Now I go to the page [[People/Person]] where I can see the references of the meeting
    • 3 – I can go to the [[People]] page and under hierarchy see anyone else with the namespace “People”.
    • So far so good. Now though, a week later, I meet with Hugh again and do the following:
    • 4 – On the daily page I do something like “meeting with [[Person]] etc”. As I was in a rush, I forgot to prefix with “People/” (I appreciate I could use the dropdown options, but let’s ignore those for now).
    • Why would this create a completely new page called [[Person]] as opposed to guiding me to the namespace page? Is it a case of always remembering to prefix any future meeting with “Person” with “People/” to make sure these link correctly? I may have misunderstood namespaces, but I was thinking “People” would be similar to a folder, and “Person” like a page inside the folder. The above seems to create a page called “People” (great as this is the entry point) and “People/Person” which I am not interested in and confuses matters as I am after the page “Person”.
  • @qwqpwp gave a good explanation of why the namespaces function like the above. “One purpose of hierarchies is exactly that stuff with the same name but different meanings can coexist, e.g. [[novels/Dune]], [[movies/Dune]], [[Dune]] (the last one referring to the setting of the whole franchise). Say if I want to maintain all those 3 as separate pages, wouldn’t you agree that Logseq shouldn’t assume novels/Dune equals Dune? Sometimes people want to have [[A]] and [[B/A]] that are different things.” This is a very fair point so luckily we had a couple of alternatives.
  • @Sawhney mentions that Whenever they use namespaces, they create an alias for the page as well. This helps a lot with unnecessary links. This can be achieved by adding an alias of Person on the page [[People/Person]].
  • @danzu mentioned they also faced the same conundrum so created a [[People]] page and listed the Person out

Readwise Reader

As I like to keep up to date on other general happenings in the notetaking/reading sphere, I was glad to see that @luhmann_alt provided us with a response he received from Readwise regarding the release of Readwise Reader

We really appreciate your continued interest in the Reader private beta. It means so much to us that the vision for the product already resonates this way!

The honest truth is that we still have A LOT to build and Reader is far from the polished, feature-complete product described on the special landing page.

Further, the product doesn’t yet work well for new users who come in with no assistance. This means we’re still manually onboarding folks which is super labor-intensive.

That said, we’ve been developing a new approach that we think will enable us to scale up to ~30 to 50 manual onboardings per week.

Again, we genuinely appreciate your enthusiasm and it pains us to not be able to share Reader with the world yet, but we first need to round out the product.

I hope you understand!

  • Shame as I cannot wait to get my hands on this to try it out. Glad to see Readwise is providing an update and keeping users in the loop.

2 thoughts on “30-Oct-21: Logseq Mobile Update, Todoist Plugin, Zettelkasten Flow, Namespaces, Alfred Workflow”

  1. Hi Ed,

    Thank you so much for compiling the Logseq Weekly! I’ve recently settled on Logseq after being torn between Roam and Obsidian earlier in the year (I ended up supporting both because neither was really what I wanted).

    I follow the Discord and the Twitter and I still look forward to your newsletter because it has little details I missed. For example, I wouldn’t be using the 0.4.5 without your link last week!

    In addition to writing with my general appreciation and as “proof of audience”, I happened to notice that there was a meaningful difference this week between the email and the hosted version. The hosted version is well formatted and the embeds all appear with logical sense. In the email version, the embeds are truncated or simply missing. Frankly, I had trouble following the email version, which is why I clicked through to the hosted version. And then I became enlightened.

    Thank you again for your time on this newsletter. I moved to Logseq after seeing a comment in response to the Reddit purge by Roam that Logseq was very similar with a better community. Your newsletter helps me feel at home.



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