29-Sep-21: Logseq Mobile Beta Sign-up

I thought I would do a special mid-week release to let you know that the Logseq Mobile App is being developed and the Devs are looking for volunteers to test the upcoming release.

You can easily sign-up by filling in a few details on the form (https://forms.gle/SvH19XvRQ8w49NTm6) and can see the full announcement here.

Not much has been released yet regarding the functionality and usage of the app, but Tienson shared an initial screenshot:

In addition to the above, the below Trello card gives us some more insight into the app.

Personally, I cannot wait for the app to be released. We are certainly in for a treat.

Initially, I was not too keen on a mobile app and thought, “will I really take/read notes on the mobile?” Having started to return to the office with an hour commute on the underground, I can safely say that my opinion has changed. Sitting on the train I have a lot of thoughts and it will be fantastic to be able to jot them down quickly in my second brain as opposed to using Google Keep and then transfer them across. The less friction the better.

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