3-Apr-22 – Logseq 0.6.5, IOS 0.0.7, Workflow and Discussion Videos, New Plugins, Tasks, Zotero

I apologise for slacking last week and not issuing a LogseqWeekly update, I got a little preoccupied with a couple of other projects that time ran away from me. I am back and on top of things again!

This week, we had April’s fool, I hope no one fell for anything (or at least anything too obvious :). The best April’s fool that I came across related to TFT / PKM has to be the Obsidian Ultra Cloud Host or OUCH for short. Priceless and wonderful ingenuity from whoever thought it up.

In other news, the LogseqWeekly is growing very nicely so I can only thank each and every one of you who reads the post and shares the content on Twitter or other mediums. For all you statisticians out there, since starting the newsletter 6 months + 1 day ago, we now have 700+ subscribers and an open rate of around 74%. I am truly grateful to you all, even to those who do not open the newsletter, but I guess you will not know. I guess it is like, “if a tree falls in a forest with no one around, does it make a noise?”.

Hmm something to ponder, but we seem to be going off on a tangent, so enough from me, let’s get to Logseq and see what’s new!



The devs have been hard at work and released v0.6.5 for us to test out. Some highlights are:

  • Add a configuration option to support the previous collapse behavior, simply set :outliner/block-title-collapse-enabled? true in config.edn
  • Fix cloze CSS selector
  • Fix cycle marker will remove “#” unexpectedly
  • Make not be displayed if there is only one repo
  • Readability improvements in Plugin Settings
  • Fixed issues
  • Click with selection in code editor saves wrong data
  • Fix blank screen on home page
  • Block disappears when drag to another block
  • Gracefully fail references component and other small error
  • Fix cycle-marker bug
  • Fix Backspace handling bug
  • Sort ‘Pages tagged with’ list alphabetically
  • Add favorite toggling shortcut to settings
  • Loading on long page never finishes
  • Slow unlinked references
  • Error in cycle-marker, fix regression
  • Avoid actions when code editor closed
  • Error while toggling favorite in journals
  • Always trigger removing file of separate git directory
  • Backspace handling in first char of a page
  • Add favorite toggling shortcut setting to the settings pane

Download the latest version, check here.

Logseq News / Events

  • The video of Cara Antonaccio and Ramses talking us through how we can use Logseq for research purposes is available to watch. There are lots of great nuggets of information in this video. Although not everyone might be a researcher, when we have to search for information it is useful to have a process in mind to track and make the most of the sources we encounter.
  • The video of OneStutteringMind and Ramses talking us through their workflows and not just taking notes in Logseq, but always ways to discover your content to create something is available. Another great video by the team and Dario. Brilliant, as the discussion goes beneath the surface and talks us through real use cases.
  • Logseq Office Hours #2 https://lu.ma/logseqoh2 on Wed, Apr 6, 7:00 PM GMT+4. Click link to see time in your timezone. Have you been using Logseq for a while but want to take your practice to the next level? Join me for the second Logseq Office Hours and have your questions answered in detail!​​​ This is a Question & Answer session. That means that you bring your challenges and I show you some ways of turning it into a Logseq workflow. We’ll look at use cases for manual and automated workflows (using templates and plugins).
  • The Logseq Community Hub is taking shape and should be launched soon. There is a sneak peek in the above video (towards the end), and remember – if you come across anything, drop the Logseq team a line.

Logseq Mobile

To access the mobile apps, please use the respective link for your OS below.

iOS users can rejoice with this new release:

iOS 0.0.7(17)

Note: please don’t forget to backup your notes before trying out.

  • Share contents from other apps – video.
  • You can also change the default capture template here in config.edn to fit in your workflow.
  • Remove refresh button and notes updated notification since file-watcher is stable to detect file changes now.
  • No longer refresh when switching in from other apps to avoid app freezing if user has a big graph.
  • Don’t watch file changes in bak, .recycle folders.
  • Massive other bugs fix and performance improvement along with desktop app.

Logseq Workflows

  • How do you go about pronouncing Logseq? Danzu has us covered:
  • Emojis in page names? Does anyone else sync their vault and use page names including emojis? I see a lot of people using emojis in page names for visual cues. When I tried it, those specific pages failed in the sync. I can’t be sure it’s the reason but when I took out all the emojis, it synced fine. Are there specific emojis that work and some that don’t? I’m using foldersync and mega to sync files between my PC and android. Solution: Don’t add emojis to the page names directly. Instead, use the icon:: page property (followed by the icon of your choosing). You can also use a plugin like Logseq Reference Styles
  • A tool for querying logseq from the command line has been worked on by Gabriel. This is cool to allow us to run queries across multiple graphs
  • Some discussion on a potential revamp of the Logseq logo. @Canibalox find this logo the best it’s minimalistic so it scales well, it works in color and b&w, it works great as a static logo and animated logo, the dots are reminiscent of nodes, the shape is the L of logseq, the moving dots hint at the connection between nodes and the ever-evolving nature of a graph, and it still inherits traits from the previous logos, while setting a different mood from competitors (roam, obsidian, craft, clover, ….)
  • @Yurii showcases their Task Workflow in Logseq. As i’m using NOW/LATER + WAITING approach to answer things like “what is overdue?” “what should i do today?” “what should i do tomorrow?” “what can i do next?” “what is WAITING?, my workflow for tasks life cycle is:
    • add something not urgent (and visually “muted”) with WAITING without date
    • add common task with LATER + plan it if needed with deadline\scheduled
    • add current\urgent task with NOW –> work on it –> finish with DONE
    • take overdue tasks
    • take some LATER task –> delete planed date if it was –> set it to NOW –> work –> finish with DONE
  • Zotero referencing? @necessaryillusions42 blows us away with their workflow. Definitely worth checking the detailed steps by following this link. to achieve something like the below. Thanks for such a great step by step description.
  • Daily Notes inspiration? Looking for inspiration on Daily Journals.. what are the daily questions you answer every day in your journal .. other than “what did you do today”. Here are some good prompts to get you started. Thanks for putting this together Dirk.
  • Logseq for developers: a good fit? I’m a developer by trade, always facing new libraries, frameworks, methods that I need to learn to be effective. I’ve looked at a lot of flashcard apps, but I want to network my knowledge and learn it. Responses
  • Aryan has a new youtube video! Introducing my long form writing setup in Logseq. Includes details on some CSS tweaks, themes, plugins and logseq features which come together to make logseq into a surprisingly adept tool at long form writing.
  • Templates in Logseq – already built in and very easy to use: 1) Create a template page, 2) Create a block, say “Book”, 3) Indent info beneath it, 4) Right click bullet > Make Template, 5) Select if include parent block, name it. 6) To use, just type /template and select the appropriate template. To upgrade your templates to the next level: @logseq *plugins* to automate the boring stuff, and bring some surprises to your morning (template): github.com/sawhney17/logs…github.com/QWxleA/Unfinis…github.com/QWxleA/logseq-
  • Namespaces? Could anyone that uses namespacing tell me the value they get out of it? I’m thinking of utilizing it where there is a clear hierarchical relationship between notes, but I’m not sure I like how then the lower tier notes have such a long filename. I realized I could get around that using aliases for the lower tiered notes, but that might end up being more work than I may want. I was also thinking of just avoiding namespaces and just tagging the higher tier note in tags::. Anyone that is using namespaces in their workflow have any opinions?@Mr_NeffetsCould anyone that uses namespacing tell me the value they get out of it? I’m thinking of utilizing it where there is a clear hierarchical relationship between notes, but I’m not sure I like how then the lower tier notes have such a long filename. I realized I could get around that using aliases for the lower tiered notes, but that might end up being more work than I may want. I was also thinking of just avoiding namespaces and just tagging the higher tier note in tags::. Anyone that is using namespaces in their workflow have any opinions? Response: I use namespaces for projects (in the process of moving) and workflows (moved). Both are clearly defined and have no real connections to other (zettelkasten) notes. I like how they are their own little island.
  • For the Spanish contingency: Para los que tienen problemas con el inglés, este canal está publicando tutoriales de logseq en español. Lo comparto por si ayuda a los nuevos. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n1fTSCaMH8c
  • Little bit of controversy: “Professional UI/UX nerd, tried literally every Note app, realized Zettelkasten is bullshit, settled on Bear, here’s the features I would add”. Definitely worth a read. Not so much focused on Logseq but gives some thought to the tools we use.
  • Time Blocking in Logseq? Another fantastic video by Josh introducing Cal Newport’s Time-block planner in Logseq
  • What do you use Logseq for? I’m still trying to figure a workflow that works for me and I’m curious about your use cases for Logseq. Good responses on Reddit.

Logseq Feature Requests

You can check out the full list of Feature Requests here.

  • Support Browser Back button – Logseq Desktop(Windows) doesn’t detect “Browser Back” / “Browser Forward” buttons so I can’t use them to navigate(can’t register as shortcut), despite they works on browser version. I hope they works on Desktop version as well.
  • Query property values ignoring tags – If you have a property, such as “client::” and in one case you have the value set to “ACME” and in another case you have it set to “[[ACME]]” then the query language will see that as two distinct values. In the above example only “[[ACME]]” is clickable and thus navigable to the “[[ACME]]” page “ACME” is not clickable.
  • Add backlink auto detection function – When my file amount becomes larger and larger with my usage, I realize it is hard to remember if a tag/title/block was created before, for example, when I create a page A, and mentioned a topic B that I have created few months ago, however due to human brain memory limitation, I will not remember that and will not create link between pageA and topicB, which I should, just like Wikipedia.
  • Block level Graph view – Since the fundamental unit of logseq is blocks it makes sense to show block connections in graph rather than pages. I have very few pages with nested blocks and sub blocks which which link together to form a huge web. But sadly if you look at the graph view it is just a few nodes barely any connections
  • Mind Palace – Logseq already has a graph of related ideas displayed with circles that vary in size. Replaces those circles with emojis so that I can build sort of a mind palace type thing with emojis working as different objects in my house.

Logseq Plugins

  • Export to PDF – This utility allows you to export a logseq page as a PDF – Supports images – Support markdown formatting – Supports parsing block references – Supports adding css to format (!!) – Supports formatting templates – And MORE!!
  • Unfinished business – Migrates yesterday’s tasks to today, can filter on tag and task workflow
  • Logseq Tweet Extractor Inspired by the Roam Smartblock for tweet extraction. – Allows custom templates with 5 placeholder values! – Uses official Twitter APIs – Accessible via slash commands and automatically parses url
  • Logseq Find and Replace plugin. Allows you to perform find and replace operations across your entire graph! Useful in many situations!
  • Logseq pomodoro timer! Chose to take a slightly different approach from existing solutions like the Roam Research and the logseq sample as this makes more sense to me. Features – Support for native system notifications – Customizable break and pomodoro times – Runs 100% in the toolbar (across all pages)
  • Logseq Github Plugin – Born out of frustration with having trouble keeping up with issues across all my repos. May be useful to plugin devs. Allows you to import open github issues across all your repos. You can even filter this using github’s search operators in settings. Features – Custom templates, use the keywords {title}, {URL} and {body} to easily keep track of the issues and integrate it with your system – Custom filtering of issues using githubs search operators, as long as the return value of the search is an issue, it should parse – Does not replace previously imported items so that you can easily integrate it with your workflow, instead only adds new items https://github.com/sawhney17/logseq-github-plugin
  • Logseq Interstitial heading has been released. Now with support for a daily quote, or a note to self in your daily templates. With the help of this plugin, 100% enlightenment is guaranteed! Or at least you’ll have fun journaling.
  • Luckysheet is now inlined – This makes simple editing and markdown table generation easier. Also – Fixed chart saving and loading
  • Logseq Anki Sync v2.1.0 – This is a new feature release. It introduces pdf block reference support for incremental reading. Changelog: – feat: pdf block ref img support – enhance: minor perf improvement
  • TOC Generator is improved with folding lines for easier working. Fixed too frequent refreshes involving folding, Removed arrows when there is no children to display, Less margins between different levels of indentation (may save more space for content).
  • Logseq Smartblocks – A big update to logseq smartblocks! You can now insert weather using “<%weatherc Dubai%>”. You can now also easily set a Smartblock as a journal template (thanks @qwxlea) – It is now, also much easier to trigger using slash commands through the in built commands feature as well as set up integration with logseq’s in built template feature – Fixed a bug with random blocks not working 🙂 – Some under the hood improvements with really large smartblocks.
  • VIM Shortcuts v0.1.6 feat: x and X for cutting leading character or word feat: ctrl+a and ctrl+x for increase or decrease a number in block feat: :copy-path to copy current page absolute file path feat: :open-in-vscode to open current page in VSCode
  • Markmap / Mindmap v0.2.0 was just released! The main part of this release is to add a feature that everyone has always wanted, which is exporting mindmap as SVG

Many thanks as always for reading this latest edition of Logseq Weekly.