13-Nov-21: Logseq 0.4.5 and 0.4.6 Pre-Release, Getting started, notes from books, new Plugins

I apologise for the lack of a post last week, but moving halfway across the world took a little more out of me than expected. Anyway, that aside, I can now get back to the important stuff of keeping you actualised with the new Logseq developments. This post will try to combine the happenings from the last couple of weeks. Next week we will be back to business as usual.

With the change to the Middle East and the shift in the weekend timings, the Logseq Weekly posts will now be done on Saturday.



Although the pre-release of 0.4.5 was out there for a week or so while the Logseq team looked to hire new devs, this has now officially been released and adds more functionality to the All Pages section of Logseq and a few other great additions.

  • All pages support batch delete, search, journals filter and remove orphaned pages
  • Move selected blocks up/down (Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + UP/DOWN)
  • Persist right sidebar state
  • custom.js support.
  • Improve properties inserting workflow
  • Both Copy as and Export page should be fast now
  • Marking task from “Now” to “Done” lost tracking time duration data
  • Time tracking for now->later on repeated task
  • Time tracking support seconds now
  • Logbook related issues
  • Smooth transition for left sidebar
  • Make DWIM optional

0.4.6 (Pre-Release)

Pre-release 0.4.6 includes a good to have enhancement of a pop-up confirmation window on page rename. I like this addition and it gives you a warning of what you are doing. Since the easier page rename implementation (clicking on the title), it has been easier to make unwanted errors, so kudos to the team for implementing this.

You can download the pre-release version from here.

Logseq Mobile

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that the mobile app would be with us “in the next few weeks”. The app, is now likely to be released towards the end of November for Android and at the same time or shortly after for Apple. Link to message post is here.

Logseq Hiring

Logseq are looking to hire for a few roles, including:

  • Frontend/product engineer to build core features
  • Community manager to continue to build out this vibrant community
  • Product designer/UX researcher to solve the hardest problems left to go in personal and collective knowledge bases!

More info can be found here. All great positions and a lot of perks., so worth checking out.


Logseq Getting Started

With Logseq and the note-taking paradigm becoming more mainstream, many new users ask how to get started. Well @Luhmann has provide us with a fantastic guide to getting started. He looks at it in the manner of 3 main questions to make:

  1. To use a daily journal or not?
  2. Tags, hierarchy (namespaces), or page-tags?
  3. One graph for everything, or multiple graphs?

He develops each of the questions in subsections to assist you in getting started and concludes. “My choices are clear: use one graph, use the journal, and use hierarchy in page-tags to organize your pages when necessary.”. I follow the same structure but it did take me a while to get into the flow and feel comfortable with what I was doing. Great work @Luhmann, thanks for posting.

You can also check this video for more ideas on getting started.

Taking Notes from Books

Ever wanted a guide on how you could take notes from books in Logseq? Well @OneStutteringMind shows us how this can be done in a great video.

Using Logseq, Todoist, Apple Notes, Notion

@hkgnp provided us with an in depth guide on their workflow using Logseq, Todoist, Apple Notes, Notion together. The guide focuses on:

  • Quick Capture
  • Task Management
  • Reading Journals
  • Meeting Notes
  • Project Notes

Definitely worth checking if you are also a fan of these apps and looking for ways to make the most out of them.

Plugins / Themes

  • Atlas Theme by @sethfair which is a beautiful looking theme augmenting our note taking experience.
  • Copy Ref To Journal by @vipzhicheng. This is a plugin to help us copy any page blocks ref to today’s journal page. This can be very useful for task management.
  • Plugin Lock by @Richard Yu which allows us to hide any sensitive information on a per block basis. It is not yet available in the Logseq Marketplace but should be there soon – check it out in the meantime. When available, I will post to the Plugins page.
Gif Link
  • Unsplash Image by @clearlysid – This plugin adds /unsplash command to Logseq, and lets you search the entire Unsplash library of 3 Million+ images within a couple of keystrokes. You can add them to your notes in one click, then resize them if you wish.

Thank you for reading this week’s post and apologies for missing last week – next week, we return to business as usual.