10-Jul-22: Logseq 0.7.6, Readwise Official Plugin, Office Hours, Logseq Getting Started, Plugins

After a week in Geneva catching up on some nature and lifes little pleasures of greenery and mountains, and even a bit of snow on the Mont Blanc. Stuffed my face with Fondue, yep even in 30 degrees heat, a nice warm fondue sounded like a good idea. Chocolate was also never far behind. Think I now need an intense week of working out to make up for the amount of cheese and chocolate that was consumed.

Anyway, let’s get to why you are here and see what matured in Logseq this week (see what I did there 😉 My better half says I am not funny, but with jokes like that, what does she know?!


The devs released 0.7.6, over the past week or so and the main takeaways are:


  • Features
    • EDN / JSON import and export
  • Enhancement
    • Open plaintext assets in Logseq
  • Fixed issues
    • Unexpected deletion of files caused by fs watcher handler
    • Unexpected file deletion on Android caused by quick deletion and creating
    • Inconsistent block selection state when editing
    • Hand unknown tags when converting from HTML
    • Some bad cases when doing HTML conversion
    • Check destroyed window before accessing property
    • Block properties order missing
    • Disable gesture on query table and logbook
    • Wrong cycle todo when heading symbol on the same line
    • Close modal before opening more results
    • Missing cancelled page from built-in list
    • fix calc output position
  • Community
    • Fully translated in “pt-BR”, “pt-PT” and “it” – Taylor Hoffmann
    • Fix broken links and reorganize help menu – sawhney17
    • Fix bilibili video progress bar display – qiyueliuhuo
    • Update develop-logseq.md – Sheldon Guo
    • Reduce flicker when moving between blocks with keyboard – Phoenix Eliot
    • Update getAllPages typescript for plugin API – Scott Block

Remember you can download the latest version of Logseq from here.

The devs are working hard on finalising the Sync feature so a lot of effort is being put into that. I believe is is currently under internal testing and will be pushed out to Backers and Sponsors to test in due course.

Logseq News / Events

  • Ramses held Logseq Office Hours #3 – the video is available here. A more refined video is being worked on and will be released on te Logseq YouTube Channel soon.
  • The official Readwise plugin for Logseq has been released. There are some tweaks needed in the sense that is is currently not possible to have a per-graph setting and instead Readwise will sync everything to all graphs that access it. Hopefully this can be fixed soon.
  • Logseq are considering branching out the Zotero functionality as a plugin and giving it to the community which can give it much more care. At the moment, the devs don not have the bandwidth to do serious work on the Zotero integration, and there are some limitations that Logseq runs into (like Zotero wanting file system access for some things). Logseq are willing to financially sponsor an individual or small group of contributors to do the initial work and support. If this sounds interesting to you, do get in touch with the Logseq Team.

Logseq Mobile

To access the mobile apps, please use the respective link for your OS below.

Logseq iOS app 0.7.6 is out. You can download or update it on App Store.

Other updates:

  • fixed some query table issues
  • other bug fixes and performance improvements along with desktop app

Logseq Workflows

@OneStutteringMind fives us a great thread on getting started with Logseq. Definitely worth checking it out in full.

Interested in managing projects in Logseq? In this video I show how I go about doing this:

If you prefer a written version to the video, you can find this here.

On the theme of read it later and managing information @Jackson is working on Omnivore – They are an open source read-it-later app and recently launched a Logseq plugin. You are now able to save web pages, read and highlight content in Omnivore, and then sync your highlights into Logseq. Here is a guide to getting you started https://briansunter.com/graph/#/page/omnivore-logseq-guide

@MrClark gives us some insight into how you might go about starting setting up Logseq:

  1. I use one graph for everything personal and work/projects.
  2. To-do items and notes: I do this in my journal page each day – Tag/link each task with a context (GTD style) e.g. [[@computer]] [[@home]] [[@errands]] etc – Projects get their own “subdirectory” page. I’m self employed working for various companies so I link each block (and sub blocks) to a particular project. e.g. [[Project/CompanyA/ProjectName]] [[Project/CompanyB/ProjectName2]] 2) General knowledge – Again link to new pages [[Docker Notes]] but for most part I put things in Journal
  3. linking is your friend here. Lots of docs and info if you look around here. On the forums. Youtube videos etc. Also check out academia here in Discord
  4. No sure about that. But linking will be your friend (edited)
  • Calendar: Google Calendar – There’s a plugin for Google Calendar which I use each day to pull in my schedule each day into my Journal. Works awesome.
  • Task/Project Management: Todoist – I used Todoist but I’m moving everything to Logseq
  • Task/Idea Capture: Todoist – Linking will help you out here
  • Notes/Resource Capture: Google Keep, Firefox bookmarks – Put everything in Logseq
  • Research and Writing Notes/Organization: Word processer/spreadsheet files, Google Keep, Obsidian.MD, Folders full of PDFs, Notepad++ text files, Scrivener Projects . – Pretty much can put everything into Logseq.

Are you a one toll for everything or the right tool for the job?

@Jay gives us a great guide on using Zotero with Logseq here. Post looks at:

  1. What is Zotero and getting it set up
  2. Integrating Zotero with Logseq
  3. Letting the magic happen and creating references between the 2
  4. Workflow ideas

Agenda plugin to keep your notes and to dos all in one place? This user certainly liked the idea: It totally changed my life and I’m gonna start using logseq as task manager too. Having everything at one place makes my life so easy. i take notes, timeblock, use my CBT worksheets, organizes my tasks and journal in a single app. plus pomodoro timer. Its not like there aren’t other apps doing the same but switching between apps sucks

@Tamsy asks: how do you take notes on youtube videos – I watch a lot of Crash Course and am trying to work out a template…. Would you call the file and have a property called Video Title: just for clarity – even if they were the same… or would you for example name the file Intro to Psychology as it is the video title?

Suggestion is to turn the meta data from the video into properties so that you can reference them later.

PARA in Logseq? I recently put the question out there of how you might go about adopting the PARA (Projects, Areas, Resources, Archive) set up in Logseq – if you have any ideas, please do post a comment and I will try to amalgamate the findings.

A few users are reporting that the light / dark theme does not stick and when you restart Logseq it reverts to the other one. This is a known issue and the devs are aware of this.

Logseq Feature Requests

You can check out the full list of Feature Requests here.

  • Knowledge Management for Tags / Tag Hierarchies – Why do we need Knowledge Management for Tags? Graphs will quickly have far too many tags and We need a way to organize and browse tags. The Problem Tagging leads to a large number of unrelated tags (thousands) without any structure, Browsing these tags through a list, graph, or tag cloud, is not very efficient, As shown in another thread by @ChrisYT and @Zdenek_Hurak items imported from other systems (e.g. Zotero) have many overlapping tags, such as “History, 20th Century”, “history”, “History / World”. In practice, this creates graphs that look like this and is practically unusable, the recommended solution being to just delete the tags (and discard the information contained in the tags).
  • Unified Commands Interface for Slash Commands, Command Palette, and Keyboard Shortcuts – It would be a big improvement to unify the slash commands and command palette interfaces so that they both brought up the same list of commands. It’s frustrating that some commands only appear in one of the two places, and very often plugins are written so that a custom command only appears as a slash command. This feels like a problem that is only going to be exacerbated as Logseq gets more complex and strikes me as something that would be a high priority for fixing.
  • Center Bullets on Heading – The headings are really nice, but the bullet should be vertically centered with the text. Right now its at the top and it just bothers my OCD.
  • Rewind and Fast forward key bindings while watching embedded youtube videos – I love that I can take timestamps while watching YouTube Videos! Its game changer! One thing I noticed though is usually i listen / watch, realize I want to timestamp something and then the video is just past that point. I got two ideas here… 1, Maybe allow us to set a back time. So if I hit timestamp it really timestamps 2-3 seconds back from the location I pressed it. 2, Fast forward and rewind key bindings. It would be cool to hit a keybinding to rewind 5 seconds so I can timestamp the exact spot.
  • Optional image naming convention – I’d like to propose a feature, that is, allowing users to choose their image naming convention. For example, when I have a screenshot in my clipboard and paste it into Logseq, the image will be automatically stored in assets/ folder with a name like image_1657174168318_0.png. However, I’m used to name the pic with a timestamp like image_2022_07_07_21_42_39.png.

Logseq Plugins

  • Focus Plugin – I have received several requests for updates to the focus plugin. I have released a new version, v1.0, which removes the plugin settings UI from the top bar in favor of Logseq settings and allows for custom hide/show selectors and a host of other bug fixes. Please update and let me know if you have any questions or issues. Thanks!
  • Citations – This plugin allows you to integrate any citation manager that supports sync with BibTex including Paperpile and Zotero. It’s been tested with 6k+ references and is also 100% local! This plugin, currently supports inserting references by either creating a literature note page and linking to it (with fully user customisable templates!) or inserting a literature note inline based on a use customizable template. This plugin is sponsored by @Luhmann based off of the popular Obsidian plugin “Citations” and can now be installed from the marketplace.
  • Logseq Graph Analysis plugin – Updated to allow for filtering search
  • Banners Plugin – Batch of pretty significant updates to Logseq Banners Plugin! Features – Supports having custom properties correspond to certain banners or page icons – i.e. having type:: book will set the icon to a book – Options to hide the page properties to reduce clutter Fixes – Improved performance and more stable rendering – NO longer revert to default when zoomed into a block
  • Logseq AnkiMajor update to Logseq Anki Sync (V3.0.0)New faster dependency Hash based update algorithm – avoids processing notes when dependencyHash matches. The dependencyHash can detect when things get changed in logseq / anki automatically. – Removed localstorage cache for mldocs rendering. (not needed anymore due to above) – added a progress bar – fix: deck parsing logic for namespace – fix: failed rendering of headers and newlines in multiline cards – chore: improve setting message – fix: “open block in logseq” button in anki wont work
  • Omnivore – Introducing the Omnivore Logseq Plugin. Omnivore is a complete, open source, read-it-later solution, we have an iOS app, browser extensions, and a web app. You can save any web article or PDF to Omnivore, read distraction free, add highlights and notes, and import those highlights and notes into Logseq. (Sign up at https://omnivore.app/)

Many thanks as always for reading this latest edition of Logseq Weekly.