04-Feb-22: Logseq News, Block Properties, Logseq iOS shortcut, Search, Updated Plugins

Have you ever woken up in a cold sweat thinking that your USD 485m superyacht (which is not your only yacht) could potentially be stuck in the shipyard as some lunatic had the audacity to build a bridge back in 1878. Well, worry no more, as Mr Bezos has found a solution. “An 1878 Rotterdam bridge (rebuilt after WWII) will be partially dismantled to make way for Jeff Bezos’s superyacht.”

The Koningshaven Bridge in all its glory

Now, don’t get me wrong, people can do what they want with their money, but to not foresee the issue should be punishable by the yacht being stuck in the little pond before the bridge.

Now that we have crossed that bridge, here is the latest update on LogseqWeekly.


  • Unfortunately this week we did not have any new releases from the Devs. It is Chinese New Year holiday so the devs are taking a very well deserved break. Looking forward to the team returning and new releases coming our way.
  • To download the latest version, check here.

Logseq News / Events

  • With the team being on holiday this past week, there has not been much movement in terms of news. Think of this week as the period between Christmas and New Year, no-one knows what day it really or what is going on in the outside world. You just know that soon, things will be back to normality.
  • Having said the above, Logseq are looking to hire up to 2 more rockstar front end devs, but this time, they can be more junior! Editor development experience would be nice 🙂 Job description here.  More on the Logseq mission + culture.
  • The current point of focus for the devs is: Usability + Stability + Performance and also a Database Version + Real Time Collaboration
  • It’s FOSS (Leading authority on Linux & Open Source) made an article about logseq https://itsfoss.com/logseq/
  • OK, maybe there was more news that I thought – who needs the devs 😉

Logseq Mobile

Just as a reminder, to access the mobile apps, please the the respective link for your OS below. Also, please keep in mind that the mobile apps are relatively new releases so may have some performance issues. The devs are working hard to sort this out and squash as many bugs as possible.

  • Android (Download the latest .apk)
  • iOS – Fill in this form to get access to TestFlight. There has been a recent iCloud update so hopefully this will resolve a number of sync issues users were facing.
  • After some of the issues encountered by IOS users (seems to be iCloud at fault) @hachiman prepared a cool “iOS shortcut and an automation that backs up my iCloud Logseq folder locally on my iPad at 5:00AM everyday. It’s quite simple to do but if you need guidance, I’d be happy to help” The shortcut link can be found here. See here for context,

Logseq Workflows

  • @ourobo-ros asks: “Hi all, does anyone know where Logseq stores the dictionary (on linux) when you e.g. add a new word to the dictionary? I accidentally added a mis-spelt word and would like to remove. Many thanks!” For those that run into this issue, the dictionary is stored in ~/.config/logseq.
  • @Tracy Winchell writes “After 2 weeks of journaling in Logseq, here’s part of what I learnt. Responses to the meta stacks are preferences. Next will evaluate ease-of-use for non-techies like me.” Looking forward to seeing the outcome of this latter review.
  • A reminder that you can press t w to expand the view window to show wider content.
  • Also another reminder, you can press ctrl (cmd) + shift + p to initiate the command palette – can make it easier to navigate without using the mouse.
  • There are a significant amount of additional functions and options to play around with from within the config.edn file. Here is a list with various possibilities.
  • @feeei shows us just what What 30 mins with Logseq did to me:
  • @Ryan asks I noticed the order of search terms seems to matter. For example I have a page called Project Management with Logseq When searching for logseq project management I don’t get a result When searching for project management logseq I get the result Is there an existing request for search improvements?” There is a request for the search to be revamped and improved here.
  • @VoltaireNoir comments on the usability / interaction of the graph view and provides some suggestions: “The visual graph currently doesn’t feel so great to interact with, especially if you compare it with Obsidian’s. I hope it’ll get worked on more and get polished over time. I have a few suggestions for the graph view mouse behaviour. Being able to clearly see connections can be really helpful. But to highlight nodes or to select them, you have to click and hold a node and there’s no way to deselect something without re-loading. Here are my suggestions: 1. clicking on a node should select it, clicking on an already selected node deselects it.. 2. Double clicking opens the page 3. clicking in empty space or pressing escape should clear selection. I think this can really improve the graph user experience and it’ll make it a lot more useful.”
  • There seems to be a bit of an issue with Queries will not update without re-indexing. Hopefully this can get sorted out to avoid the reliance on a re-index.
  • Is there a keyboard shortcut for copying the block ref while in the block? ctrl+c if no text is selected should do the trick.
  • What are block properties? “you can add properties to blocks (e.g. title, author, type of a book) and then perform queries and list all blocks with certain properties (e.g. filter all blocks with a specific author)” More info on how to implement them can be found here.
  • Queries from Roam to Logseq – Moving from Roam to Logseq. I am trying to reproduce this ROAM query in Logseq. It is searching for pages that have the tags, Status, active, and KA: {{[[query]]: {and: [[Status]] [[active]] [[KA]]}}}. I created this query: {{Query: [[Status]] [[active]] [[KA}}}} but it doesn’t deliver the same results. Try something like this instead {{query (and [[Status]] [[active]] [[KA]])}}
  • Todoist & Logseq –  @hkgnp comments “I am using Todoist for quick capture. So basically key in things that need following up with or like interesting links that I want to read up more on. I don’t do any tagging in Todoist but just use it really as just jotting down stuff quickly. When I’m ready to get some work done, then I will open up Logseq and pull the items in and start working on it.”

Logseq Feature Requests

You can check out the full list of Feature Requests here.

  • Typewriter scroll view – It would be very convenient to have an option in the View submenu to have a Logseq file automatically position the line you’re typing on to reduce the need to reposition the document by scrolling.
  • Add right click actions for inserted photos/pictures – Please consider adding an option to trigger “right click” on inserted photos or pictures, so that they can be copied or cut easily, currently it’s quite a challenge to to do anything with the inserted photos
  • Allow complete control over date & time formatting in queries, macros & templates – This is a feature request for the ability to control the format of the date & time within queries, macros and templates regardless of what our config.edn is set to. At the moment we are stuck with just the one date format, the one setup in our config.edn. This is very limiting. We should be able to select any format we want when we need it, select just hour, just seconds, format it this way, yyyyMMddhhmmss for one macro and the next macro yyyy-MM-dd hh:mm
  • Add an option in config.edn so that CANCELED tasks show their logbook time – I have my Logseq setup so that TODO, DOING, DONE, CANCELED, all show the logbook drawer. However, CANCELED does not show the total time for that logbook. I understand this is by design, however I would like an option, perhaps in config.edn to always show the logbook total time on the canceled block marker, and perhaps also regardless of block marker. (All blocks?)

Logseq Plugins

  • Fantastic new update to the (unofficial) Readwise Plugin for Logseq by @hkgnp
  • @rcvd_io is “working on the documentation of my @logseq CSS System. I want to make it easier for others to create extensive new themes or customize the existing ones (Quattro, Things, Bear – Craft is in the works). Already cleaned up the CSS-generator to create efficient theme files.”
  • Tweet Plugin by @hkgnp now supports 1) Link to tweet after a successful post 2) Ability to right-click the tweet block and delete the tweet/thread. Not sure how often we all delete our tweets, but it maybe helpful!easily send tweets from within Logseq.
  • @aryansawhney17 updated the Smartblocks plugin with “I’ve changed the way if statements work. It’s also now got support for OR so that you can do things like if it’s a weekend. You now type <%if condition || if anotherCondition: enterText%>”
  • logseq-rtl-plugin@aryansawhney17 provides us with a first iteration Right to Left text with this awesome plugin. There is no set up, simply start typing, upon the editor detecting Arabic or Hebrew text, it will switch to RTL.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s post and thank you for reading.