Hi Everyone, I am Ed (Twitter), a bit of a numbers nerd, a sucker for tech/gadgets and a fan of a good book.

I became addicted to knowledge management after realising that it was a struggle to retain and recall most of the notes I took. They were too siloed and lost in an infinite number of folders and a rigid structure. After spending my Summer of Lockdown searching how to take better notes, I stumbled upon the Zettelkasten method, atomic notes, backlinking and other concepts, which all led me to the perfect solution, Logseq.

With the rapid development of the app and new features/improvements, I created this Weekly Summary to help community members keep up with everything being thought of, created and shared by other fellow Logseq users. If you are not part of the Discord, be sure to check it out.

A special mention must go to Eleanor Konik, who runs https://obsidianroundup.org/. This was the main source of my inspiration to set this up for Logseq users.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy.

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